Its Dizzy On The Top!


Any one would believe that Mamata Ji was on a high, circling Delhi, but without fuel that’s totally unbelievable. She always reminds me of that old Maruti Ad with the punchline saying-“Petrol khatam hi nahi hunda”. I pity the ignorance of the pilot, he could have always borrowed some from her. I don’t think Maruti realizes that she could potentially be their best brand ambassador, but they must hurry, I am sure other companies like Map My India are also desperate to cash onto her prowess. She is all about women power, holding hands with Jaya Bachchan, trying to encircle Rabri Devi and then standing next to Kejriwal. Wondering why I put Kejriwal with a group of women? Ask any Dilli-wala and they will tell you just how they are managing this failed marriage with him, even though he doesn’t have any cosmetic value. Being a feminist I’m all for women power, but having said that, my thumbs-up is only reserved for the women of substance. Substance doesn’t mean changing the stand to any rhetoric you find convenient when you fail to get through with your main agenda. The TMC’s spokesperson on TV is a woman, all dolled up and portraying that all that matters is speaking fluent English and showing that the image of an angry young man (women) is not patented to any gender, yet again missing the point by describing the images of Army personnel in her state, doing just a routine exercise, as the beginning of a coup. Madam with all respect, please realize, the PM knows well enough that no resource and recourse is without an expiry date, and either the petrol will finish first or soon there will be nowhere to go.