Climate Change Is The New Trend!

On (apparently) the first day of Winter I have to say that ‘Winter’ is the new fashion of the season. It is unique in a way, that though it cannot be avoided, its effect can be blunted, even by just our believing that climate change is not for real. See the women attending all the marriages in their sarees and backless blouses, with no warm clothes to contradict of how hot they look. But, even if you believe that climate change is not real, our electricity bills sure are. We can find them increasing, paying the price of our higher AC usage, in its effort to keep us looking  cool. Our AC will be telling you this in the near future, when it finds its way to the cloud and will be part of internet of things, of how much demanding its job is becoming. It has to work for more days and also more hours each day. Anyway we may believe that the bills is too much of an effort to compare, and even our own feeling of the growing heat doesn’t matter, what is important is what President Trump says. If he says that climate change is hoax then it is, because I love his confidence in saying so. I love even more the way he calls everyone, who doesn’t toe his line, ‘nasty’ and ‘crooked’. In fact he is the real fashion. Even a cold country like Russia thinks he is hot. They may not follow him at home as they have no money for any fashion fads.  So what if they are poor, they still have the right to entertainment and if that involves pulling other people’s pants, through the novel use of computer codes, so be it. I don’t mind at all if all the debate about climate change becomes a fashion. I am only uncomfortable with it becoming a fad.

Waiting For The Earthquake!…

Delhi has been engulfed by fog, and the forecasts predict that this situation is likely to continue. The worst place affected has been the ‘Parliament House’ the fog doesn’t just exist outside but has found it’s way inside too. It has affected visibility and no one knows how to move forward. In a democracy, for the opposition to create some disruption is normal, but threatening to combine it with a natural calamity having catastrophic results is really a cause for concern. The opposition leader has threatened to cause an earthquake inside the parliament by merely being vocal about it. Since the onset of winter we have seen the opposition trembling, while standing outside the parliament wearing black ribbons on their arms. They have been holding hands to maintain their footing while bracing all those tremors. I think some of them were also trembling due to the cold, since coming all the way from the East ( don’t confuse if their state was called a west…) And the South, they aren’t used to it. The ruling elite has further added to their seasonal hardship by deciding to give them a cold shoulder. But I must admit that with opposition’s fresh vigor to make the Modi government aware of them missing their initial estimates, as regard to the black money not coming back to exchequer, has established my faith in the Indian democratic system. Only a friend would do so or may be a foolish opp……. Would it not have been a better option to let the government fail? After all it is only a matter of few days to 31 Dec’16 . Till then the opposition could have warmed themselves with their new-found friends from parties they frowned upon till date, and let the media take over the case. They are as it is working hard for the cause by burning fuel, finding empty ATMs and gullible crowds who can easily follow their lead by saying exactly what they hinted them to repeat. So what are we supposed to do? Just put the lights on, sit tight and enjoy the winter till it thaws.